Uralkolbasy: Quality and trust presented in the modern way

«Kalinka» Meat Processing Plant (Chelyabinsk, Russia)

To restyle brand of sausages and delicacies «Uralkolbasy» of middle and lower market segments: to update a logo and develop a new packaging design for different product categories (cooked sausages, frankfurters, sausages, cooked smoked sausages, cooked smoked pork products). Problems of the previous solution: an outdated logo and packaging design, style mismatched requirements of consumers and retail outlets. Previous design was not credible to the products and desire to buy and try.

In preparation for the development of the project agency team conducted a research of methods of creating corporate identity on sausages market. Several areas of design were discovered: «classic», with elements of heraldry, the «Soviet», with ribbons, stars, chevrons, «modern-stereotypical» using familiar to buyers «grocery» patterns. The last direction was chosen to develop — this style allows you to make eye-pleasing design, creating confidence in the brand products without departing from the initial segment.New logo contains images of animals from which the products of the brand are produced, corporate «shape» looks like a stylized image of a piece of meat — forming the view about the ingredients and guarantee of the quality. Striped rhythmic rapport used as part of a corporate identity on the package reminds grocery stores design, setting a clear understanding of the brand accessories for the product category. Color differentiation was introduced in order to distinguish the product groups within the product category.

Products of brand «Uralkolbasy» in the updated package appeared on the shelves of retail outlets in January 2015. A fresh design attracts customers and facilitates the delivery in key retail points of sales.
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