Gaggalago - one word describing the way we choose gifts


To develop a name, packaging design and promotional materials for a new brand of souvenirs. Given the peculiarities of audience motivation when buying souvenirs, nature of the brand was previously defined as a bright, cheerful, causing interest.

The creative team decided to analyze — how people choose gifts and souvenirs? Someone quietly and thoughtfully looks at the shelves, and someone tosses from one to another souvenir, accompanying search with loud expressions of delight. These enthusiastic interjections formed the basis of the brand.Name «Gaggalago», born of emotional, loud shout-interjection from Icelandic language, perfectly reflects the character of the brand. The new brand is an private label trade-mark for «Galamart» — so, the presence of the morpheme «gala» in the name makes people understand that the products of the new brand are ones with quality confirmed by mark-owner. Part of the word «gag» translated to English means «joke» that brings in the name needed humor and fun. And the end of the «go» is a call to action.Visual representation of the brand's joyful character became a lemur — noisy, unusual animal with large, like always astonished eyes, and intriguing smile. Lemur became the protagonist for not only the brand, but also the packaging. He with his bright-green security zone is a color spot on the black and white background pattern, made in hand comics manner. Interesting graphics solution became the use of the lemur's tail on the package as a unifying element for shelf space that attracts attention, highlighting the array of products on the shelf.On the POS-materials lemur plays «on the same wavelength» with the buyer, he becomes a friend, helps to orient in the variety and to choose a gift.

«Loud», emotional name along with a bright, released on the shelf packaging attracts the attention of the audience, uplifting and motivating the purchase of goods brand new.
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