'Reftinskaya': A healthy and a family oriented brand

«Reftinskaya» poultry farm

To reinforce the position of Reftinskaya poultry farm by restyling the package and logo and carrying out an advertising campaign.

- To underline the brand character: modern, leader, healthy, family.
- To create a unifying brand identity for all categories of products.
- To communicate the rational advantages of products: healthy, natural etc.
- To inform the consumers about the assortment of ready-for-use products.

Creative and design development:
- design concept of the logo and package
- creative advertising concept
- scripts for 3 TV advertising clips
- 69 package artworks
- product catalogue (design concept and artwork)
- site design concept
- brand-book

- 3 TV commercials
- 7 image photos
- 34 product photos for catalogue
- 101 package photos for catalogue
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